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Dear Engineer, Design, Fine Arts, Art Therapy, Undergraduate, Graduate and Alumni students,
Mouseprint Gallery is pleased to announce that we are currently accepting submissions for the 2015/2016 academic year and we are doubly pleased to announce the inauguration of a satellite space called "The Pool".
In keeping with our new found dizygotic status we are seeking submissions for both locations as follows:
In the main space, the theme for the year is “BLUEPRINT” and our intention is to encourage exploration into the literal and conceptual possibilities of the blueprint. What does it mean, literally, conceptually as a thought, a sketch, a concept, a matrix with infinite possibilities? Send us your "Blueprints"!
As for “The Pool”, It will operate as a color therapy habitat where we invite you to propose a blue hue that communicates your personal understanding and experience of blue. The pool will then be painted your hue of blue. Mouseprint is looking for creative proposals: poems, papers, researches, comments, etc. Perhaps it will be a reflection on Yves Klein’s famous blue or your musing on how periwinkle is a color that permeates your body of work. Dive in.
Please email your submission package in .zip format to ansoubiran@gmail.com with the subject line ATTN: MOUSE PRINT.
Please add /POOL or /BLUEPRINT in the email subject.
Deadline for the current semester is October 16th and we will be accepting submissions on an ongoing basis!
Include the following:
Project/Work description outlining your project. Please do not exceed 500 words.
Visual Documentation: Up to 5 jpegs images of your work (150 to 300dpi, max 5mb per image). If you include video, it should not exceed 5 minutes running time.
Please include a list of any equipment required or any other special considerations to show your work.
N.B. Mouseprint Gallery and The Pool are both located in the Engineering and Visual Arts Building 1515 St Catherine St W on the corner of Guy. Mouseprint on the 9th floor room 416 and the Pool on the 6th room 6.421.

MousePrint Gallery / The Pool - Montreal
Please click on image to see our call!
MousePrint Gallery / The Pool - Montreal
Please click on image to see our call!