Dana Dal Bo with A-N Soubiran

Both sharing a birthday and year (March 2nd 1978), this ongoing collaboration has been developing a personal mythology since 2000.

The twins stage relationships defined as Positions:

Position (puh-zish-uh n) n
1. A location in a coordinate system, usually in two or more dimensions. 2. A state of ENTANGLEMENT. A phenomenon in which two subjects have to be described with reference to each other. 3. The result.

This is about relationships and family. The sacredness of bonds and ritual.

We constantly experience this differently;
our position changes.

There are 12 Positions of the Family:

1. Predator Prey
2. Hansel & Gretyl
3. I Sposi
4. Operation
5. Visitation (Rest Energy)
6. Pepe + Nonno
7. Sunday Dinner
8. Two-Timing
9. Le 2 Mars
10. VS
11. Saint-Philippe
12. Pisces