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ANtagoniste: The Waiting Room (2016) focuses on a specific dichotomy. By definition, it commonly defines a person to be a hostile adversary, but also defines a substance (medication) capable of blocking usual properties of another medication.

My goal in this thesis work is to create a new relationship between the viewer and his or her body, by exposing it to a space that can potentially operate as a trap.

In the title The Waiting Room, the contemplative nature of the installation triggers the sensations of being endangered and/or protected in a space where the quality of the material and three meters ice picks raise questions about preservation and waste, or what is ‘thrown-away’. Also, this installation explores potential narratives emerging from these human scale and exaggerated sculptures, capable of corrupting the skin. There is a foreboding presence as well as an absence. My intention is to make something half-sacred out of the sculptures as they mark the silent space of a sanitized clinic, where all one can do is sit and wait.